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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

For our EOY HU. Not quite what we were aiming for... but swings and roundabouts! 39% decrease in walking but a massive 87% increase in cycling (wonder if that has anything to do with Bike Month?) Overall 46% AT versus 54% car (sad face) Always looking for that silver lining, I could say we ARE nudging closer to the magic 50%!

Looking through the numbers more specifically, some of our classes, on an individual basis, are making massive strides (pun intended) with R11 78% for this count. Co-incidentally, R11 has lead the way the entire year, bar one count; truly a class of AT Champions! Our challenge remains to improve AT participation by our Juniors & yet even there we have individual children who are consistent AT participants. We will continue our efforts...

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James (Your Move)

Hi Arlene - yes, it certainly looks like many regular walkers were inspired by Bike Month to keep riding instead! Well it seems the overall trends are positive so this survey was probably an interesting short term phenomenon. Do the kids in R11 walk faster with the massive strides? :) Uploading your survey automatically earns you 50 points, and I have given you 5 for your reflections here.

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Well James I am not sure if the kids in R11 walk faster but they certainly are an ACTIVE bunch! R11 has raced around Australia twice in the time some classes are getting trying to complete the course once!

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James (Your Move)


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