Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

On the 8-11-16 we judged the Farewell WOO Challenge. Just before we started judging, we took a look at them. It was too hard to choose so we made points on every one of them such as colourful, creative, bright.

They weren't all posters. Two of the classes made statues. All of them looked amazing & fabulous.

Isla & Michaela.

(Mentor's note: on speaking with a number of the teachers whose classes participated, it was commented how ideas just kept snowballing & that the activity was one which had EVERYONE involved. Hope you enjoy our Walk of Fame complete with the comments made by the Team.)

(We are just waiting on one more fantastic Farewell, coming Very Soon!)

Farewell WOO.jpg

R1- 3D sculpture, face of one of the children on the WOO sticker.

Farewell WOO 1.jpg

R5-tricky to read, creative use of WOO stickers.

Farewell WOO 2.jpg

R2 -very bright &colourful, feet are crayon rubbings of shoes.

R14 "Sticker Student"  very creative, delicate, used lots of stickers.

Farewell WOO 3.jpg

R9- it's very neat, person is unique, "Walk over with Room 9."

Farewell WOO 4.jpg

R7- BIG, feet with students' names, FWOO flags, picture of school.

Farewell WOO 5.jpg

R8-All children's work, comments eg "walk don't drive."

Farewell WOO 6.jpg

R16-great way of moving, used LOTS of stickers, BIG!

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