The Final Word (or two)

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

This was handover this afternoon. Team 2021 brainstorming with Team 2022 on possible goals & events/ideas/campaigns. At the beginning of next year we will review what was pondered this afternoon & come up with our overall plan for 2022.

This was a solid 20 minutes of brainstorming with a few Qs & As along the way. We included the SMART principle, as we talked a fair bit about our AT goal in light of previous years' SOY & EOY HU data.

We then farewelled next year's Team & got back to the last few pieces of "housekeeping" to be done. The Team went off to congratulate the Junior HU Champion class, R4 (81% of the time) & the Senior HU Champion class, R14 (61%). The Team had fun distributing Family Activity books to R4 & YM pens to R14 as a "well done" for their consistent & great AT efforts. R4 had an average of 46% AT for the year with R14 coming in at 51%.

All in all a very satisfying conclusion to a fabulous year with a great Team.

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James (Your Move)

I'm pretty sure Arlene, that you and Julia have some kind of competition for getting in the last story of the year 🤣. Regardless - it is great to see another successful passing of the baton and to know that the seed of 2022 planning have already been planted. Your new team have just earned themselved their first 60 points (and you, 10 points for sharing the outcomes of this meeting).

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