The Good Oil.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Today the Team got busy with all the usual YM Toesday "stuff" plus fitting in a Chat Q & A towards the end of the session with the 2019 shortlisted applicants.

Early in the session, the Team discussed different aspects which could be mentioned during the Chat. Then everyone worked out which part they would discuss. We wheeled out our favourite board again as the backdrop.

2:15pm: Prospective applicants arrive (big tick for punctuality!) Events, Star Cards, planning events, stories, points (& what we do with those points!), YM folders, assembly presentations, working as a team & having fun were all discussed. Then we asked if there were any questions; not a peep ( must have still been taking in all the good oil!) So I suggested that the Team think back to the beginning of this year & a query each of them might have had about YM & pose that question.That got the wheel going!

Once the "six" are selected, they will be invited to our handover where the Team's TAGs (Tip, Advice, Good wish) will be shared & brainstorming for 2019 will begin. A 2018 Team member will be paired with 2019 applicant to work on goals, events & campaigns for next year. (handover will be in the last couple of weeks of school.) This brainstorming will be collected at the end of the sessions & re-visited very early in the new year.

Our Team has a well deserved rest next week as Bett & I attend the YM Forum (being held on our YM Toesday!) Still a busy week though as the Team will collect the Hands-Up data one day during the week for the EOY count.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the inside story on your YM team hand over process - it's very helpful to know how schools each implement these important concepts. You receive 20 bonus points for a level of detail that will help other schools replicate this.

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