The HOW & WHAT of Term 1.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Apart from celebrating placing the DP sticker for 2022 on our sign, today the Team was busy reflecting on our first term. Here is what each member of the Team thought:

I think since it's term 1 & we have reached SILVER we are doing really well. During this term we have done things like R2SD, DYWs, Wheeling Wednesdays & our HU Toesdays. Kelly

I believe we have done fairly well this term since we have reached SILVER & have had a lot of fun. Our campaigns included Star Cards, Wheeling Wednesdays & HU every Toesday. We also ran DYWs & held R2SD on a Wednesday because the Friday clashed with a sports carnival. We are also involved every STRIVE assembly with a YM report where part of our presentation is the raffle ticket winners for Toesdays & WWs have a pick from the prize box (as incentives). Dylan

This term I think we went pretty well. We had more people earning Star Cards. We have worked hard this term to reach SILVER. Our campaigns include HU Toesdays, SCs & Wheeling Wednesdays weekly. We ran DYWs & held R2SD on a Wednesday. We present a YM report every STRIVE assembly. Laghima

I think the Team has done great with our events this term. We have been very busy. I am looking already forward to next term. I know we are always ready for more people to start MOVING! This is how we have been busy: SCs, HU, DYWs, WWs & achieving SILVER. The Team has been part of ALL of these campaigns & events. We always take our time to put thought into these events & campaigns to make sure they are safer & better for everyone. Emma

We have gone really well this term. We have already achieved SILVER in Week 8! I know the rest of the year is going to be great because we have made a good start. We have achieved many things so far such as DYWs & R2SD which have been successful. The campaigns we run include WWs & SCs where our numbers of participants is growing each week. Ruby

Mentor's note: I gave the Team HOW & WHAT, we had just a short discussion then I asked them to put pen to paper. Above is the result. Well done Team!

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James (Your Move)

Super reflections team! Taking the time out this term to reflect on your achievements has earned you 15 points, plus 50 for the Starcards rewards that haven't been scored yet. Have a wonderful week.

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James (Your Move)

PS I accidentally gave you 15 points too many on this story and I can't remove them - so they will account for the photos from your DYM story.

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