On Bike Week goes to Ashleigh who tells us how the Team combined R2SD (first thing in the morning) with RROF (a little later):

On R2SD, we came to school early so we could go to the bike racks & give raffle tickets to everyone who used AT to come to school. Those who got a raffle ticket had them placed in the box for a lucky draw. R2SD was very busy as it was also on the same day as Ride Run Obstacle Fun. Because it was RROF, lots of people came in the morning.

Mentor's note: What with excursions & camp cramping our style a little, we can now finally wrap up BW for 2019 with Ashleigh's story. Full steam ahead with preparations for NWS2SD. Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Ashleigh - that wrap up has earned you 40 points for R2SD (which hadn't yet been scored) plus 5 points for your valuable student perspective. I'm glad to hear the combination of the 2 events really was complementary - well done!

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