The Numbers are in...

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Although we didn't reach our 59% AT goal for the EOY HU, we DID manage to stay over the 50% line! ( actually 53%) So although there IS room for improvement we have stayed on the right side of 50! I will take these results to the Team next week to ponder & discuss some possible goals for the 2020 Team to use as recommended starting points in the new year.

At this stage our car usage has remained static (47%) with AT being swings & roundabouts! Walking down (27%) but cycling (22%) & public transport (4%) on the increase from the beginning of the year. Watch this space for the Team's take on these results.

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James (Your Move)

You are always very good at seeing the positives, Arlene - well done again! We look forward to hearing your team's reflection. PS you would have automatically received 50 point when you entered these results into our online tool.

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The eternal optimist! If you see something through positive eyes you CAN do something about it; the negative eyes only see more problems. Thanks always for your positive spin on everything, James!

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