"We are running Race Around the World because it can encourage students to use Active Transport such as walking, riding, scootering, skating & public transport. Using AT the most means classes get the chance to win one of the 3 prize baskets (1st, 2nd & 3rd) We are running this competition using our HU count which tallies up who used AT. We are also using maps we gave out to be coloured. We use our HU to count off the boxes on the maps. We have all started from the same spot on the map (Perth of course!) so it makes it easy to see which class is leading the race." Aryanna.

"The whole school is involved (students, teachers & YM Team) in RAtW. The YM Team is involved by colouring in the boxes on each class map after we have checked the HU count. The classes are involved by participating, using AT on our HU count day (Toesdays.) The teachers send the class HU count to us & we do the rest!" Juliette.

"It is all about encouraging everyone to get along with each other by using AT. By using AT we are helping to keep the environment healthy." Travis.

"We started, last term, by asking all classes to decorate their maps ready for a Term 3 start. When the maps were decorated they were returned ready to be displayed at the beginning of this term. Using our HU data we colour in boxes each week (1 box = 1 student using AT) RAtW will continue until every class has gone around the world". Eli.

"We have been displaying the RAtW maps at the R13 window (our YM meeting room) because at recess & lunchtime the window where we display the maps is also where the exit to the undercover area is and most kids leave that way so this means most kids will have a little peek to see if their class is winning the RAtW." Jack.

Mentor's note: It's really pleasing to see that we have a couple of Junior classes keeping up with the Seniors! Also that our Team's classes are leading the way!

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Thanks, Natasha. With now 4 weeks' worth of HU data, I will be asking the Team to come up with some predictions about WHO & WHEN will be first to RAtW!

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