The Rest of the Story!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Happily both Dylan & Brianna are back & so here are their introductions.

My name is Dylan. I am in Year 5, Room 17. The reason I am doing Your Move is I love riding to school & it is fun. I want to know what the leaders of the school do because I want to be one next year. I want to make friends, get used to what the captains do & have fun. A Team goal is to get to at least get to Platinum this year.

Hi, my name is Brianna. I like horse riding. I am part of the YM Team because I can encourage people to use AT to come to school. I want to know that I am responsible & that I can be a leader. I would like to see our Team earn Platinum by the end of Term 1. Our Team goals are to earn Gold in Term 1, achieve an AT rate of 49% at the end of Term 2 & reach Double Platinum by the end of Term 2.

Wow! We are going to be BUSY trying to achieve some of these goals but if you don't reach for the stars..... Another inspiring day at the Your Move desk working with a great bunch of switched-on students.

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