The "Tails" that were Told....

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Dress up as Your Favourite Animal was really fun. There were lots of different costumes like butterflies & pandas. It took lots of teamwork. We had to introduce the idea to Miss Murray, our Principal & when she said yes, we made posters & asked Mr Mac, our Deputy, if he could put our messages over the PA. Brianna

On Friday 14th October, we had DUAYFA. I dressed up as a parrot. My favourite people who dressed up were Brianna R17 & Addison Year 4. Bri was dressed up as a colourful butterfly & Addison came as a black & pink cat! "Cute." It was fun! Laghima

Friday the 14th was amazing. I dressed up as a cheetah, the fastest animal over a short distance. It was the best day. At 10:30, everyone who dressed up had photos taken. Thank you Mrs O-J for being the photographer. Kelly

DUAYFA was a success. Lots of people dressed up. We promoted the day with posters & PA announcements. My "tail:" Once my snake Milo escaped & my mum said, "We're not going to school until we find her." After hunting we finally found Milo behind the couch. Then I went to school. Brody

Mentor's note: Thankfully Milo is a python! Great to see everyone getting in on the fun! This event was held as a celebration of achieving 70+% uptake of our Star Card campaign. Currently we are sitting on 72%. Well done Team, you came up with the idea, presented the proposal (to get approval), did the promotions & had your fun day. Super effort all round.

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James (Your Move)

Great to see the final result of this well received reward for the excellent uptake and use of your Star Cards, Arlene 😊. You and Brody and Kelly have earned 15 points for your story on the DUAYFA event. You have also earned 50 points for continuing your rewards campaign this term.

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