The Winner is....

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Congratulations to our most ACTIVE class R14. This class raced around the world in just 11 weeks. This week the YM Team presented R14 with 1st Prize basket of goodies to be shared with the class. Note a few wet weather items because it's always good to plan for a rainy day (& haven't we had a few!)

The Team decided to see how far R14 got around the world while the others were catching up, by adding an extra set of steps around the edge of the original set.

And well done Team for predicting R14 would come first. Well done Aryanna for predicting R14 would come first in week 1 Term 4. Now which classes will come in second & third?

Mentor's note: It just so happens that 3 of the Team are from R14. Co-incidence or just plain ACTIVE?

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James (Your Move)

Luck the Team don't work for the government - otherwise you'd have to come up with a conflict of interest management plan 😂. But knowing you Arlene, being such a master of progam/project management, you have already got them to do one 😉! You have earned another 10 points for sharing these reflections on awarding the winners of your Race Around the World interclass comp 😊.

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