Travel Smart Student Leaders' Presentations.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

"It has been an honour & privilege for Ms Riley & me to work with an exceptional group of students comprising the TS Team, who have encouraged all of you to use Active Transport as THE WAY to come to school.

This group has achieved MUCH this year: events like the Farewell WOO Challenge  & ongoing campaigns like the Warnbro Walker & Star Cards; 147 points short of Double Platinum, that means the TST has earnt nearly 1000 points during this year.

We want to acknowledge these efforts with the presentation of the TS Student Leader Certificates."

 (the above  is the citation presented at Assembly.)  


Afterwards, Jasmyn, Salsabila, David & Matthew with their well-deserved Certificates, posing alongside "Will" one of our WOO characters. Missing is  Michaela who has been on the sick list all week. She will receive hers as soon as she returns to school.

I can only re-iterate that it has been such a pleasure to have worked with the 2016 TS Team,  watching each of them develop & hone their skills of teamwork & leadership. A job exceedingly well done Team!

Arlene Yates.

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