Walking & Wheeling our way...

Arlene Yates

NWS2SD was a great day with the best AT participation ever. From our hosted walks we had our highest numbers (84) in the history of our walk days. This is is how the Team saw the day:

The YM Team split up to the corners of the school & the Guarded Crossing (at Currie St) to hand out stickers (& write down their names) to everyone using AT to come to school. The sticker was the "ticket" to a BBQ breakfast & a smoothie powered by the blender bike. My favourite thing was seeing how many people came to school using AT on this special day -Jack

We hosted 3 walks to school from the Guarded Crossings & from the other corner of the school. We also borrowed the blender bike from the City of Rockingham to make smoothies for all our Active Travellers. The most important thing for me was having lots of fun -Travis

Our hosted walks were from the corner of Kingsbridge Rd & Fairmile St. Also the Guarded Crossings at Axminster Rd & Fairmile St and Axminster Rd & Currie St. The other one was at the basketball court where we had the most people come through (50.) My favourite part was getting a drink at the BBQ & the blender bike in the undercover area at recess. The most important thing was to see everybody walk to school -Eli

Gary our gardener cooked the BBQ for us. We also had the use of the blender bike from the City of Rockingham. Thanks to Ms Riley & COR for the blender bike which went from the morning till lunchtime. I think the blender bike was the best because it was a fun & healthy activity for WPS students & the YM Team. The most important thing was seeing all of those Active Travellers riding to school on their bikes & scooters & seeing how many people I wrote down on the list because 21 is a lot -Juliette

Some of our guest walkers were Deb Hamblin (Deputy Mayor), Penny McCall (Community Development Officer COR), Mrs Millar (our Deputy) & Denis Terrell representing our local MP (Paul Papalia). They all had lots of fun! We had the most people using AT that Mrs Yates has ever SEEN! We were all very happy. The best part was seeing so many kids involved in NWS2SD. I loved the sausages but my favourite was the BLENDER BIKE! It was really fun & exhausting -Aryanna

On NWS2SD, my favourite bit was the sausage sizzle at the end of our walk. It was a well deserved part of the day. I'm a big food lover too, especially sausage sizzles. Probably the most important part of NWS2SD was definitely the score of how many people we had written down. On Currie St there were more than 20 people! Mrs Yates says it's the most she's seen in a LONG time -Milly

Mentor's note: This was definitely a community day from the guest walkers to the assistance of the P&C with the blender bike, while the rest of us were making our way to school. Thanks, Melissa & team! Also a big thank you to our gardener Gary (who normally helps put with our hosted walks) for being chief of the BBQ & to Mrs Millar for stepping in to help with our hosted walks. A super day all round. Watch this space for photos of the day!

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