WalknWheel all rolled into One!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

On our WalknWheel 2 School Day, we trialled 2 Walking School Buses from Currie St Guarded Crossing & from Kingsbridge Rd & Fairmile St. At Currie St we had 3 guest walkers who were our newly elected Mayor, Deb Hamblin, our local MLA , Paul Papalia & Lucas one of his electorate officers. At Kingsbridge Rd Mrs Hunter, our P&C President, walked with us. At each of our hosted walk locations we took a list of everyone who walked from there for a chance to be our Wonderful WalknWheeler (if your name is drawn out of the hat you win a prize!) Aryanna

We also hired the blender bike from the City of Rockingham & made lots of smoothies. We had amazing reports from everyone about those smoothies! With our three lucky wonderful WnWers it is a chance to encourage students to walk or ride to school as they can win prizes & talk to friends. At this event we had parents joining us in walking to school. Aryanna

Why did we do this you may ask? We did this because we want the school to be safer from cars & we want to reduce our carbon footprint. We call this event WnW because they are both ways of Active Transport & we organize it to be at the end of Bike Month. Eli

Because it was Bike Month Ms Riley arranged to borrow the blender bike so we could make smoothies after using AT to get to school. My Mum & my little brother joined our WSB to school. Even the Mayor, Deb Hamblin joined us. I invited Paul Papalia to walk with us & he did. Travis

We are hoping that as a result of our trial WSBs, parents will want to participate & make our WSB a success. We invited guest walkers to join us & this helps to make our events awesome. At our hosted walk sites, besides taking down everyone's name (for a chance to be the Wonderful WalknWheeler) we had a lucky dip bag for everyone to "take a pick." There were pens, temporary tattoos, shoelaces, slap bands & lots of other fun stuff. Jack

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James (Your Move)

Hi Jack, Eli, Travis and Aryanna - thanks for your excellent report on your WnW2SDBME (Walk and Wheel to School Day Bike Month Event - an acronym that even Mrs Yates might be impressed with 😉). It sounds like the event went off with the famed Warnbro smoothness. Great to hear too that you engaged so many political players 😊! Your event has earned you 40 points, plus 25 points for the related WSB/Park and Walk. You also earned 25 points for your lively reporting of the day!

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