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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The YM introduction was directly followed by the results of the first Hands-Up count for this term. Here is part of that presentation.

The YM winners for the last H-U fortnight are Room 5 (Junior) & Room 10 (Middle/Senior). Room 5 had 36% choosing Active Transport. Room 10 had 68% choosing AT. Well done to everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school.

Bike Week is in March. We are already planning Decorate Your Wheels & Ride Run Obstacle Fun. Look out for posters around the school with more information.


Mentor's note: Next YM session, BW posters! Plus more BW planning, goal setting & the Team writing what YM will be for each of them this year.

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Justine (Your Move)

Hi Arlene. There seems to be a big difference between the junior and middle school students. Is this a standard trend? Would love to hear more about this, and how the YM team plan to improve it! :)

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68% active transport is fantastic!! Awesome job Warnbro!

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Sadly, a huge difference, Justine & sadder still, a trend with the Juniors. Will be discussing this with the Team on how we can try & turn this around. We are hoping to have an Access Guide for the school sometime this year. This may be one way of working on the challenge to encourage MORE junior children (& their parents!) to choose AT.

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