The Warnbro Walker will be presented (as it is every Assembly) this coming Friday by the YM Team. The challenge we have been finding is for ALL classes to return their Hands-Up surveys (& on time!) That's the downside. The upside is that some classes ARE maintaining good AT numbers & sometimes building on those numbers. So the dilemma is: more classes participating or building on what we already have? In part this dilemma may be being addressed by the re-launch of our Star Cards this term. We have already found a better response by some Junior classes (now just to lift those AT numbers further!) Next week being Week 5 of term should prove interesting as we should have a number of "Stars all in a row," that is the number of students who have used AT each Toesday (Warnbro-speak for our H-U Tuesdays.) These students will go in the draw for a pick from the prize box.

Above, those active Warnbro Walker Awards & Certificates, which are awarded fortnightly.

Just a re-cap on our Warnbro Walker Awards. Each Toesday those who come to school via AT receive a raffle ticket which is placed in the Junior & Middle/Senior boxes. At each Assembly after the WW Awards are announced a raffle ticket from each box is drawn for a pick from the YM Prize box. Since the beginning of this term, Star Cards have also become part of the mix. So for Terms 2,3 & 4 1 raffle ticket = 1 Star. We are promoting it as "even more ways to be winners!"

Some interesting statistics for the year so far re-AT:

  • Room 1 44%
  • Room 2 34%
  • Room 5 36%
  • Room 8 41%
  • Room 11 51%
  • Room 14 70%

Rooms 1,2 & 5 are Junior classes, while Rooms 8,11 &14 are Middle/Senior. So the next thing we will be watching keenly is if Star Cards help to increase AT in the Junior classes. Oh and great result Room 14 for leading the way!

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James (Your Move)

Whoah Arlene... that's one jam packed story! I'm glad to hear Warnbro Walker is still marching strong, as is your regular Toesday. So I've got a few bonus points for you - 90 for your term update on your regualr active travel day (Toesday), 25 for you regular reward (WW), 30 for this term for your assembly, 10 for spending time looking at your results and another 10 for all the details. Ca-ching! Remember to give us another update next term!

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Thanks, James. The Team will be watching closely to see if Star Cards help to boost AT (especially with the juniors). Yes we will track those classes for the rest of the year for comparison. Another update promised for the end of Term 3!

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