We are Super Boosted!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Earlier in the Year, Miss Wittber, on the Team's behalf, got the ball rolling to update our Access Guide through the Super Boost offered by the Department of Transport. Of course, the Team had input!

We were all asked to write a short piece for the new Access Guide, but only 2 could be used so we had to discuss & decide which were the ones to be selected. The Team selected mine as one of those to be part of the AG. I have always walked to school & even though I walk the same way every day, I still find new beautiful things. Looking at beautiful flowers & leaves are really calming. I even enjoy seeing the different bugs! It is really nice to see how beautiful the world is when you walk. Kelly

My writing was based on the story "Ten Tiny Things." After I read it I was influenced by everything the 2 characters noticed when they had to walk to school, like beautiful flowers & other colourful things. I handed my writing in thinking that mine wasn't going to be selected, but it was & I am very grateful for that. Laghima.

Mentor's note: This was another exercise in discussion & coming up with an agreed upon outcome. Just love how these young people listen to each point of view respectfully & then come to a mutually agreed decision. The updated AG has been added as a resource.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work Miss Wittber, Laghima, Kelly and all the other contributors - your access guide is a super result 😁! Reading your sections on why you walk makes me wish I could go back to school so I could walk there everyday! You have earned 75 for putting together this guide and 40 points for applying for and acquitting your 2023 Superboost grant.

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