We DID It!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

I took our EOY HU data to our YM session today for the Team to analyse. Here are the observations:

We have achieved so much by reaching our EOY HU goal of 50%. Driving has decreased by 9%, walking increased by 7% & the increase in riding was 22%. Ruby

We achieved our goal of getting 50% at the EOY HU. This is the first time that we have reached 50% for the whole school! Brianna.

I think it is amazing that we reached our goal of 50% AT, set at the beginning of the year. We had 7% increase in walking & 22% increase in wheels (bikes & scooters) Emma

I am very happy with our AT comparison results since the start of the year where it was 83 out of 184 (45%) to end of year when it was 84 out of 168 (50%) Dylan

At the start of the year one of our goals was to achieve 50% AT in the EOY HU. This DID happen! This is the first time as a whole school count we have reached 50%. We visited ALL classes last week before the count to remind them of the importance of returning their HU. (important meaning if we don't fulfil the SOY & EOY, stuff like bike racks doesn't happen!) Laghima

Our EOY count went REALLY well! We reached 50% AT for the first time. It was amazing because we went from 45% (SOY) to 50% (EOY) Kelly.

Mentor's note: IS it something to do with 10 years of AT & all those Incidental Incentives we have been incorporating into what we do or is it that we ARE finally turning the corner? Whatever reason, we are very happy.

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James (Your Move)

Clearly achieving a goal is something the team value - and rightly so 😁. Well done everyone! You have earned 15 points for sharing your reflections on your 2023 results.

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