Chloe explains the WHAT, WHY & WHEN of WWs:

WWs is to encourage people to ride to school. We go to the bike racks & write out raffle tickets for the riders. The first WWs started in October 2019, during Bike Month. We decided to re-launch it because our SOY HU showed that our wheel numbers had dropped. We thought maybe WWs might encourage more people to ride again. We promoted the re-launch of WWs at the end of our Decorate Your Wheels event because it was held on Toesday (Tuesday.) We plan to run WWs for the rest of the year.

Mentor's note: I have asked the Team to keep an eye on WWs numbers so that we can see if our "incentive plan" is working.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Chloe for those details on Wheely Wednesday. So does this mean that 2 days a week you are encouraging active transport to school - walking on Tuesday and cycling on Wednesday?

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We certainly are James! And we rolled out the roster yesterday to "share the load" of early to school on WWs.

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