Wheeling Wednesdays are Back!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Milly gives us some information about WWs:

WWs are when the YM Team goes to the bike racks at 7:50am with stacks of raffle tickets to hand out to our "wheelers." Last week was the first time for this year & because it was Bike Week, we also handed out BW stickers. The raffle ticket means a chance at a pick from the YM prize box.

Last year's Team decided to run WWs during Bike Month in October 2019. The 2019 Team recommended that it continue this year, so our Team decided to make it one of our campaigns. It was re-launched last Toesday (Tuesday) at the end of Decorate Your Wheels, ready for the following day. WWs will continue for the rest of term & the rest of the year.

Mentor's note: As we were discussing this last week, in the back of my mind was: perhaps a roster would share the load... The whole Team was on hand for the first WW; to get the feel for it. I needn't have been concerned because before we wrapped up our YM session last Monday, one of the Team had suggested a roster! We worked on this today, making sure that Assembly presenters (Assemblies are Wednesdays) are also not on WWs "duty!"

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James (Your Move)

Great idea to re-launch this right at your Decorate Your Wheels event - really striking while the iron is hot! Thanks Milly for sharing and letting us know how it works. On top of the 50 points for your launch you have earned 10 points for the details plus 5 for Milly's perspective.

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