Where in the World Are We?

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Our Race Around the World class competition is gaining momentum with a strong contender for first being Room 14, followed by Rooms 4 & 17 & EC3 all vying for 2nd & 3rd positions, in varying rotations over the last few weeks. To add a further level of interest, we are now reporting progress by what country is being travelled through.

So as of today, Room 14 is in Bolivia (South America), Rooms 4 & 17 (joint 2nd place this week) are in Greenland & just a smidgen behind in 3rd place is EC3 having just reached Greenland. So you can see there is a lot of jockeying for position! What will the eventual results be? We will just count off the "steps" each week to see.

A few weeks ago (Week 5) I asked the Team for predictions on the RAtW. We held off for a few weeks into term so that we had a reliable amount of data on which to base predictions. The Team was unanimous on which class would be first (Room 14) but varied in when the race would be finished, although most felt it would be early Term 4. The following week I asked the Team if anyone wanted to amend their predictions. Interestingly, 3 amended to the end of Term 3, 1 extended & 1 stayed with the first prediction. I also asked the Team to predict 2nd & 3rd place getters based on another week's data. Very interestingly, Rooms 4 & 17 & EC3 were the contenders.

What is really pleasing is that both Junior & Senior classes are equally represented in the lead positions (Juniors: EC3 & Room 4, Seniors: Rooms 14 & 17). The Team is certain that the eventual winners will enjoy sharing the prize bundles!

Footnote: It is very pleasing to see that Room 14 is leading the way, justifiably so, as half of our Team is from Room 14! Well done Team!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this engaging update on your RAtW, Arlene. Looking at the map you posted in June, Bolivia is about 20 or 25% further around the course than Greenland - so those class 14ers ARE impressively in front 😮! Not long now til the end of term, so I wonder if they will indeed finish before the hols 🙄? You have earned an extra 10 points for your detailed update.

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