Why you should ride not come by car.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Just keep being inspired by this Team.... At the end of last term, Juliette told the Team about a piece she had written about Active Travel. I asked her to share it with us this term so that we could discuss further & how we could use it in our school setting. Here is that little gem:

I think you should ride a scooter or bike than come by car. Here are my reasons. First I think if you come by car you don't have exercise & isn't exercise healthy especially for humans? Would you rather be lazy & sit in a boring car than get out in the fresh air & stretch those legs than sit in a cramped car where you can hardly breathe? Yeah didn't think so.

Next I mean if you have a sibling & you have a fight, there are paths you can separate from them & chill while you ride somewhere! Oh and if you argue with your sibling or parents, having a long bike ride would make you calm & relaxed because you are out in the open & having a long ride can make you forget why you were angry in the first place.

Lastly wouldn't it be nice for everyone to say wow here comes so & so riding a super bike! Maybe by riding your bike you would encourage others to ride too & find out how much fun it is.

I'm a YMer so that is basically my job! So that's why you should come to school & everywhere by bike.

Mentor's note: The simplicity of thought & the conviction of youth. Such wise words in someone so young. No wonder I am inspired! Add to the mix that this was completely voluntarily written (at home) & mentioned during our last session of last term. (& remembering to bring it to share with the Team without being reminded!)

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James (Your Move)

Just brilliant Julliette and Arlene! And lucky for us all that Julliette put pen to paper as otherwise a rare month would have gone by without a Warnbro gem being posted! Julliette has earned 20 points for such a well crafted reflection (and of course 5 points for it being student content).

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Thank you James, Juliette's effort was completely of her own initiative, making this piece even more meaningful. Rest assured we have a few stories in the pipeline!

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