Winter Warm-up Hiccup!

Bett Riley
Warnbro Primary School

Last week Salsabila, Matthew & I were in a bit of a hiccup. Michaela did not get to print out our colouring-ins for WWU. The Year 6s weren't here because of transition. We couldn't find computers that were free, but then Mrs Blackburn helped us print out the drawings (colouring-ins) & we still had to do a lot of things.

Salsabila had to hand out the WWU & explain to the classes in Years 3 & 4. Matthew had to do the same with Pre-Primaries & Year 1 & I had to do Year 5 & 6 (I had to catch up the 6s later.) We had to do a lot in 50 minutes.

Jasmyn with assistance from Salsabila.

(Mentor's note: And these mighty Year 5s did it with aplomb! Great work Matthew, Salsabila & Jasmyn. You did a mighty job getting us out of a VERY TRICKY situation.)

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