Wonderful Wheels! (1)

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team was involved with helping the school run Decorate Your Wheels. Here is the Team's account of the successful morning:

Our Team helped run DYWs. Lots of teachers including our Principal, Miss Murray, & Deputy Mr Mac, Mr McBride, Mrs M & one of our stalwarts, Gary our gardener helped out on the day. I think I counted 40 people participating. We could make this better by adding some prizes or maybe having the blender bike! Laghima

I got there at 7:20am. I said hi to Miss Wittber, then started giving out stickers. About 5 minutes later Ruby & Emma showed up. They got their sticker rolls & got going. Not long after Brianna arrived with her bike looking like a pirate ship. Once Brianna had her sticker roll we all got stickering. Afterwards, we had a hotdog & juice box. Some photos were taken of the wheels then we went in single file to the bike racks. The bell went & it was time for class. Kelly

DYWs happened on Friday 24th February on the basketball courts. There was a BBQ & wheels everywhere! We gave out stickers to to everyone who used AT. Maybe we could give out a prize for the best decorated wheels. Brianna

We should thank a lot of people for getting involved in our event. Firstly, thank you to all those who decorated their wheels. Thank you Miss Murray, Mr Mac & Gary & all the YM members for helping. It could be even better if we had even MORE people decorating their wheels! Emma

Mentor's note: ah yes the blender bike...

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James (Your Move)

7.20am 💤, now there's some motivation! Nice effort team - and what a super result - can't wait to see the photos. As this was an event in itself (rather than an add-on to another event) you have earned 40 points for your Dress Up activity and 15 points for the team's exposé on the morning.

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