Wonderful Wheels!

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Above, 1st place in the Senior section. Just love the road safety messages!

All the planning paid off with some "wheely" wonderful wheels on show at our (now annual) Decorate Your Wheels competition. Here is how it all panned out:

There were 18 Junior participants & 5 Senior, but all of the entries were great. Ferdinand.

The entries were all eye-catching. They were bright & most had balloons & streamers so they were very colourful.You could tell that everyone put a lot of effort into decorating their bikes. Charlotte.

There were 5 Seniors participating, but 2 were late so judging was sort of easy. Judging the Juniors was a bit harder because there were quite a few really good bikes. We had a few come after we judged so we made sure they got a bike sticker like everybody else. Lurren & Shyloh.

Below, Junior placegetters & their wonderfully creative wheels.

And, winning Senior wheels:

The best thing about DYWs was seeing all the creations & getting to judge. The not so good thing was some of the Seniors came late & some Juniors so some were a bit upset because the judging was already done. Ashleigh.

Mentor's note: the Team was running to a schedule so time had to be managed to ensure everyone was back in class ready to start the day. By the way, the majority of participants WERE on time!

The event would have been better with more entries. Bryce.

After the event, all safe & sound in our fantastic bike racks:

Mentor's 2nd note: Well done, Team! Running an event from start to finish is an achievement in itself & for most of the Team this was the first time doing so. Once everyone got into the swing of things it all came together (with a little coaxing). Lots of lessons learnt along the way; not least of all how a few people turning up late can almost create hiccups!

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James (Your Move)

2 unicorns and a batmobile have got to be a sign of a great day! I've linked your story to the "Dress up your bike day" activity which has given you 20 points, plus you received a bonus 10 for all the glorious details and another 5 for so much info from the students. Make sure you let us know about your other activities like Ride Run Obstacle Fun and Ride2School Day!

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Thank you, James, for linking to the activity. Had just posted the story when I had the deja vu moment of "did I link to .....?" We have walked through RROF & discussed R2SD so think the Team is ready for tomorrow! We will de-brief & write a story next week during our YM session.

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