Working Together.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Back in 2015, Term 3 to be exact, schools in the City of Rockingham were invited to attend a meeting to explore ways of encouraging & improving Active Transport participation. This meeting was instigated by then Travel Smart in collaboration with the COR, through the Community Development Officer (Health & Well-Being)

One of the items for discussion was path signage to schools. After much discussion & refining of the idea, this signage became a reality for the 2016 school year.

Fast forward to 2018, the signage was showing its age, so at another of the COR/YM networking sessions, it was discussed a revitalization of said signage. In 2017 the Green Team at Baldivis Secondary College designed similar signage for routes to BSC & this had been installed for the 2018 school year. So the discussion became: can COR update the "old" signage to the new fresh one?

Yes, we can! Thank you, COR, through the Community Development Officer (Recreation & Well-being), for updating the signage. And thank you to the Green Team at BSC, for your bright & engaging artwork! Who wouldn't want to walk or cycle to school?

Footnote: So since Term 3, 2015, YM schools in Rockingham have been meeting each term to report on YM & AT. This has been facilitated by the COR Community Development Officer & the venues have been shared with the participating schools.

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James (Your Move)

That really is a good news story. Not only because you have got lovely new wayfinding signage down, but also that it is a result of the successful local network you are a part of. Thanks for sharing - you received 60 points for your wayfinding signage and a bonus 10 for the helpful details.

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This is great news Arlene! It's so great to see our vibrant wayfinding signs popping up all over Perth around schools and local government areas. North Perth PS are next!

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