YM Team Report.

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

It is only week 3, but according to the Team's report at today's Assembly, it HAS already been a very busy 2 weeks. Here are excerpts of the YM report presented by Charlotte & Ferdinand:

....Junior Champion is Room 5 with 35% AT. Senior Champion is Room 8 with 64% AT. Well done everyone who chose AT as the way to come to school. We will now draw our raffle. If your name is drawn, collect your prize at the end of Assembly.....

Well done to everyone participating in Wheeling Wednesdays. Let's keep this AT on the GO!

Another well done to everyone who joined us for Warnbro's Walk2School Day last Friday & later enjoyed the platters of fruit & vegetables at recess. Our Wonderful Walkers will be drawn on Wednesday at our YM session.

Well done also to our "5 in a row" Super Star Carders.... Please see us at the end of Assembly to collect your prize.

REMEMBER tomorrow is HU, so get those Hands-Up surveys to Ms Riley first thing! Make this term our best ever AT term & help us reach the 60% target.


Mentor's note: Our Super Star Carders numbered 16. "5 in a row" refers to completing a row (5 stars). Our Star Cards are run in conjunction with our weekly HU. Yes we are still struggling with low AT in the junior section of the school. The upside is there are definite "regulars" in the junior area; this is confirmed by our Star Cards. Just HOW to increase AT?

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for including us in you big term update Charlotte, Ferdinand and Arlene. I awarded points for your assembly, Regular AT day in T4, W2SD event, plus the regular award (Wonderful Walkers) which we hadn't scored yet this year. In terms of how to target the junior school numbers it might be time to explore or re-explore the exact barriers facing the children and their parents. Also maybe the regulars could do some mentoring with other the children - whether it just be encouragement/motivation or something more organised like a buddy scheme.

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Thanks, James. I will takes these gems of suggestions to the Team. I will also keep it in mind as a possible 2020 goal, with the idea of aiming for a modest AT% as a starting point.

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