Your Move 2020 Presents....

Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

The Team is preparing for the information session for the Year 4s & 5s. Following are the pieces each member has prepared for next week:

3 ways that being a Your Move member can improve your school experience: First, being a YM Team member helped me create new friendships. Secondly, being a YM Team member is super fun because Mrs Yates uses strange phrases that help broaden my vocabulary. Finally, it's great being a YM member because you get to wear really cool neon green shirts. Ruby.

Luke wrote: It is great being in the Your Move Team because it actually expands your vocabulary. Mrs Yates comes up with words & sayings we've never heard of. That's why it's great being a YM Team member.

As a Your Move Team member we have learnt tons & tons of stuff like vocabulary & Mrs Yates is always teaching us new words & phrases. Even though learning isn't the best thing ever, at the weekly meetings we always have fun. We plan events like Active Travel Footprint, Bike Week & National Walk Safely to School Day. We plan campaigns like Warnbro Walker, Wheeling Wednesdays & Star Cards. Chloe.

Being part of the Your Move Team can build your understanding of the importance of ACTIVE TRAVEL. We brainstorm goals & plan for special events & we occasionally get to spend the whole day out of class organising events, such as Bike Week. We have meetings weekly with Mrs Yates. We go to the Pre-Primary & Kindy area to help out with the children. Being part of the YM Team requires a lot of organisation of time, but when you get into it & settle in, it becomes easier. Miranda.

As a Your Move Team member, I think it's great because we get to help out our school to make it a better place & we get to do some stuff that the councillors do as well like Kindy help & meetings. We spread news about Active Travel at Assembly & be involved in Showcases & Wheeling Wednesdays. The YM Team members organise competitions like Active Travel Footprint & Race Around Australia. That's why I think you should be a YM Team member. Milly.

Beau concludes: The Your Move Team has helped me to be organised, responsible & think of ideas for events, competitions & campaigns, including ideas to help next year's Team. The YM Team loves to encourage people to use Active Transport to school by organising events. You also will make new friends & meet new people.

Mentor's note: Kudos to the Team! You just keep on inspiring me!

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James (Your Move)

Well, I am intrigued as to all this talk of bizarre vocabulary - I'll have to make notes next time we chat! Great to hear though the team is about much more than that - even if learning "isn't the best thing ever" :-) Ah the honesty of youth! Thanks for sharing these little gems with us Arlene - I can see how they all keep you inspired. On top of the 40 points for the presentation, you have earned 10 points for keeping US all inspired plus 5 for sharing the kids' perspectives.

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Thanks, James. Like you I was intrigued with the vocabulary bit! The 2 bites of the cherry & kudos were a couple of apparent gems, but what has really inspired me has been the honesty in asking "what does that mean?" Before answering I'd always check if one of the others knew so that we could do a bit of peer to peer sharing; sometimes it worked, other times I would just have to explain! Yes the honesty of youth & YM is just SO MUCH MORE than AT! Well done, James & co.

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