Travel Smart Footprint

Carrie Oliver
Wattle Grove Primary School

Due to the wet weather we have had this week I decided to complete a Travel Smart Footprint activity with some of my PE classes.

This activity was completed with a range of classes from years 1 to 4. We talked about how we came to school the week before and some of the reasons for this. This led in to a discussion about the benefits of active travel and some of the negative effects of inactive travel.

We brainstormed some solutions for children that came to school in cars every day due to distance being a factor. The children came up with the solution of being dropped off closer to school or to a friend's house.

Lots of children would like to walk or ride to school and are hoping to in the near future.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Carrie - it sounds like you really took advantage of the rainy weather! Thanks for sharing how your Active Travel Footprint activity went - it has earned you 15 points, plus a bonus 10 for the interesting and helpful details. You can email me the photos to upload - - I'm looking forward to seeing how it all went!

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