Why wont Internet Explorer work with the Your Move website?

We're very sorry to break it to you, but Internet Explorer is getting very old :( This is why the Your Move website (and Microsoft) no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE). The reason is because the code and technologies that have been used to build the Your Move site (and most new websites) weren't even invented when IE was developed over 12 years ago. The result is that a lot of web pages simply won't work properly with IE anymore.

How to try a different web browser

The good news is that you aren't just limited to the one default browser that comes with your computer, phone or tablet. There are many different web browsers available to try, each with its own benefits.

If you've always just used the one web browser, try downloading a different browser from the list below. It's often much faster, and can be really handy to have two or three to choose from, especially when logging into the same website (like Google or Facebook) with different accounts.

The other handy thing about trying Edge, Chrome or Firefox is that you can sync them and have the same bookmarks on all your devices!

Can I have more than one web browser installed?

You sure canYou don't need to uninstall your current web browser to try a different one. Just follow the download links below.

Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and is also now available for macOS and iOS (iPhones, iPads and iPods). MS Edge is also available for Android Devices

Safari comes pre-installed on all Apple Macs (macOS) and iOS-based mobile devices (iPhones and iPads). It isn't available for any other platforms.

Downloading a new web browser

To download a different web browser, follow the links below to go to the browser manufacturer's website or you can simply use your smartphone or tablet's "App Store" to get the latest version of it.