Dress Up Your Bike or Helmet Competition!

Bella Vinten
Wellard Primary School

Wellard Primary School celebrated National Ride2School Day a few days early with a Dress Up Your Bike or Helmet Competition today!

Leading up to the big day our Your Move team was very busy getting everything organised by sending out posters to all classrooms, posting information in the staff Wellard Weekly and organising prizes. Our YourMove Team presented at our Monday Assembly and reminders were announced over our P.A system yesterday afternoon.

Our trusty student leaders took their positions at the school gates and got to work, handing out double Wellard Walker ‘n’ Wheelers raffle tickets for those students who went to the effort to decorate their amazing bikes!

The bike rakes have never been so full and colourful (and our carpark was far less congested)! We were so impressed with the effort that some students and families went to. We had an array of colour, animals, pirates, aliens and much more!

Thank you so much to our parents who were so willing to walk with their children to school. It was so great to see so many families getting involved.

During our morning block of learning, our YourMove team had a very tough time choosing eight winners of our competition. At recess and lunch, all students have been encouraged to come and look at the amazing bikes that have been chosen as our prize winners and other awesome bikes. The winners will be able to choose a prize from a selection of bottle holders, bike locks, streamers or bike pumps.

This morning, was a great success and as a result we had a lot of students choosing active transport to school. We can’t wait for next year where it will be even bigger!

On Friday, our student leaders will be at the gates ready for a double ticket day to celebrate National Ride2School Day!

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James (Your Move)

Such fun and colour, Bella! I love those googley eyes in the last photo, and a real wooden pirate bike! I have relinked your story to the "Dress up your bike day" activity, which gives you 20 points plus you got a 20 point "super good read - and giving James a big smile" bonus. That means that 'when' you post a story tomorrow on R2SD you can get another 40 points! Great to hear to that it wasn't just fun, but also had a big impact on car use. I think the idea of running this before the big day works really well as (a) it serves as a promotion for R2SD and (b) means you get two big active travel events in one week.

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