Parent Survey

Bella Vinten
Wellard Primary School

Two weeks ago, we sent out a parent survey via our Newsletter, Connect page and Facebook page to find out more about families finding alternative means of transport to and from school. We had a great response with over 100 families participating in the survey.

From our results, we could see that many parents that live within 1-2km are still driving their car to school, however, are willing to swap out a few days in their week for walking or riding. The motivation for most parents wanting their children to walk or ride to school is the physical benefits it has and the level of independence that can come from this.

Many parents raised concerns over bike and road safety and their child's awareness of this. It is so great that all classrooms at Wellard are currently implementing the SDERA programs to increase our students knowledge and skills.

We have arranged for the Your Move bike safety posters to be put up at our entrance gates for parents and students to read as they enter and exit the school. They are nice and bright and catch the attention of people walking past.

A post has been made on both our Connect page regarding bike and pedestrian safety using the YourMove Communication Pack. Hopefully the information here, can help parents further educate their children on bike and pedestrian safety.

This parent survey provided us with lots of insightful knowledge about our families and how we can support them further in walking or riding to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Bella - that is positive to hear that you have parents aiming to increase their children's active travel. It is also interesting to hear that health and independence are the primary motivators. Great to see the Bike Safety corfultes going up - I think you are the first school to post a pic of this! Promoting bike and road safety thru Connect and the posters has earned you 22 points. You have also earned 60 points for your survey plus a bonus 20 points for such a detailed discussion.

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