Term 2 Wellard Walkers and Wheelers

Bella Vinten

Wellard Walkers and Wheelers is back this term and our YourMove team has been busy planning many exciting events to come!

As families have slowly been getting back into the school routine, we have seen an increase in the number of walkers, bikers and scooters coming through our gates. It is great to see our bike rack filling up again!

To try to encourage more students to actively travel to school and for parents to get involved, we have put out a Connect post to remind parents about the benefits of walking and riding to school. The YourMove Communications pack has been a great help in creating these posts!

We are looking forward to the term ahead and can't wait to share what we have planned!

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We're glad to hear see that the bike racks are filling up! You have earned 90 points for running a regular active travel day, 10 points for having regular team meetings and 10 points for promoting active travel on Connect. I have also added 10 points for sharing your story.

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