Wellard Walkers n Wheelers

Bella Vinten
Wellard Primary School

An announcement had been made on Tuesday afternoon. The student leaders were prepared.150 raffle tickets were printed and all classrooms were given their YourMove Ticket pouches. We were ready.

Then...the rain hit! But our first Wellard Walkers 'n' Wheelers day went on! Our student leaders, with their high-vis jackets and umbrellas, ventured out into the rain to reward those who were brave enough to face the weather and walk or ride to school.

In true Wellard fashion, our students marched and rode through the gates, soaking wet, with big grins on their faces. Each student received a raffle ticket to enter the draw to win an awesome prize at the student assembly in two weeks.

We would like to thank all of those fantastic parents who walked or rode to school with their children who then had to face the weather on their journey home.

Although we only had a small number of students actively walking or riding to school on Wednesday, it was so great to hear so many students excited for Wellard Walkers 'n' Wheelers next Wednesday!

Today, we announced that our student leaders will be at the gates again tomorrow ready to reward our walkers and wheelers. Hopefully the weather holds out and we get some more movers!

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James (Your Move)

At sure does look wet - but everyone is smiling 😉. Great to see the day went off even if the weather gods didn't help out. You have earned 90 points for launching your WWW regular day, any 10 points for giving us a great story. Don't forget to let us know how the assembly goes next fortnight!

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