YourMove at Wellard Primary

Bella Vinten
Wellard Primary School

At Wellard Primary School, we are so excited to be participating in the YourMove initiative in 2021!

Over the last two weeks, our Your Move staff committee team have met multiple times to discuss the transport issues we face at our school and decide how best we should tackle these issues. By the end of Term One, we aim to have implemented our Hands Up Survey with Years 1-6, an online parent survey, our first newsletter article, implement a regular walk to school day and reward system, and ensure that all classrooms are implementing the SDERA Pedestrian and Safety on Wheels units.

To begin this process, we gathered our eight student leaders together to explain the exciting initiatives that will be happening in 2021. Our student leaders were then given instructions on how best to complete the Hands Up Survey and the necessary equipment needed.

Today, our leaders set off to all classrooms to survey the students. We can’t wait to see our results!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Bella - welcome to back to YM for 2021! Great to hear you, the staff committee and student team have started the year off with a blast! Clearly the Wellard team is firing on all 4 cylinders with so many great plans in place. Make sure you let us know how it all goes - for now you have earned 60 points for getting your student team up and running and 15 points for your planning session for T1. Oh, and a bonus 10 points for filling us in with so many details - see you soon!

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