Saturday afternoon bike workshop

Chris Thompson

CS = E ran a ‘Learn to Ride’ and ‘Bike Skills’ workshop at WDPS last weekend. It was great to see so many students and their families enjoying the fun. What a special experience to watch the younger kids riding on 2 wheels for the first time! The older kids enjoyed the bike skills activities which included obstacle courses, slow races and a group ride at the end. This was a great way for our students to gain confidence on their bikes ready to ride to school…

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Chris - what a great idea to run this on the weekend so all the family can join in! You have earned 25 points for these bike skills activities.

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Thanks! The biggest win from our bike activities over the last couple of weeks has been the significant reduction in traffic around the school as around 80-90% of the students are riding to school for their Bike Ed lessons.

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