Want help embedding sustainability at school?

Adam Marr

It is the right time to be thinking of your school's sustainability credentials at a time when the globe is looking to approve the Sustainable Development Goals as a plan of action to 2030.
Simply Carbon, a business that is focussed on helping schools become sustainable is currently running a Sustainable Schools initiative.
 Reduce your school’s carbon emissions from electricity and gas by 20%
 Address emissions from the commute to school by staff and students
 Measure and reduce your schools water consumption and waste production
 Foster connections with community, AuSSI WA organisations and local sustainability businesses to create a low carbon school community
 Identify ways to embed low carbon initiatives into the curriculum using AuSSI WA guided principles
 Reduce the annual cost of operating your school
 Access expertise from experienced and qualified specialists
 Receive and provide peer support through regular contact with other schools, as well as from the Low Carbon Schools program facilitators
 Connect to local suppliers, receive help to source discounts
 Receive assistance to calculate your school’s emissions and create emission reduction strategies
 Create your own unique carbon management plan

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