Following on from our planning day, we created a Your Move display and activity at the school’s 'Be You' healthy living welcome BBQ.

Carol-Ann and the Your Move team were a great help with ideas and activities we could use to promote active transport within the community. The students loved the scavenger hunt, which got them running all over the oval finding the gnomes, as well as the great prizes from the YM rewards shop.

The display provided information for the parents about YM, active transport and the activities we do at school.

The day was also featured on the school’s Facebook page.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Claire - thanks for these extra details on the Your Move display at your 'Be You' event - it has earned you 10 more points for the event (the event itself was scored with your story of 27 March). Maybe you also have put a story in your school newsletter promoting YM and active travel - if so make sure you share it with us to earn more points!

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