Westminster ESC used our 2020 Connecting Schools Grant Package to purchase 2 new bikes and a helmet to add to our fleet of bikes we use to run our successful Bike Riding program. The additional bikes have helped us to increase the amount of students who can participate in the program. We have bikes ranging from tricycles to adult size, modified bikes with extra- large training wheels and one bike which caters for our students with CP. We now have most of our K-6 students enjoying a weekly bike riding lesson, providing fun and fitness as well as learning basic road safety.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for letting us all know how you have used your grant, and an extra big thanks for the photos - it is so rewarding to see the bike fleet in action! You have earned 40 points for sharing your CS grant news and I have also given you 80 points for your ongoing Bike Ed sessions, along with a bonus 10 points for all the details.

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