Westminster Primary School and ESC has been going through an exciting transformation. The project included a major refurbishment of the existing classrooms, new buildings along with landscaping and a new bike track. This year we have started using the new bike track for our bike education program. It provides our students with an ideal learning environment, as they ride through the trees and past the veggie gardens. We use a range of road signs and ‘props’ to give our students a real-life learning experience.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Claire - and welcome back for 2023 😄. The works in general, and bike track in particular are very exciting! We don't have a specific activity for installing a bike track, but I think for Westminster ESC in particular, this new infrastructure is at least as valuable as bike parking - so you have earned 80 points for these works 😀. Don't forget to post a story on the bike ed you are doing!

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