The teacher relief payment from Your Move came in very useful and allowed Westminster ESC and Westminster Primary School time to do some collaborative planning for the year ahead.

We share the same school campus so with both schools on board we can plan for bigger, better and more inclusive events and activities in 2021. Some of the ideas we are planning for include:

Establishing a team of student Your Move ambassadors

Start “My Move Mondays” to encourage active transport to and from school, especially on a Monday.

“Leg in round the oval” – a staff walking group in conjunction with the School’s Be You committee to promote staff health and well-being.

Walk safely to school event along with a healthy breakfast.

Bike week activities

Explore incursion options such as Constable Care, RAC Little legends and SDERA

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James (Your Move)

Great to have you all back for 2021! With all those plans for the year you have slotted in, it seems the releif time was extremely well used, Claire. I look forward to seeing it all come together. You have earned 25 points for making your plan, plus 10 for sharing all the details.

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