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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Ride 2 school

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Our ride to school day was an in-school event in conjunction with Westminster Primary School. Students were able to bring their scooters or bikes to school and participate in a ride around the campus. Different courses were set up so students could choose according to their ability and confidence. The day was a great inclusive opportunity for all students.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

"Be You" event

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Following on from our planning day, we created a Your Move display and activity at the school’s 'Be You' healthy living welcome BBQ.

Carol-Ann and the Your Move team were a great help with ideas and activities we could use to promote active transport within the community. The students loved the scavenger hunt, which got them running all over the oval finding the gnomes, as well as the great prizes from the YM rewards shop.

The display provided information for the parents about YM, active transport and the activities we do at school.

The day was also featured on the school’s Facebook page.


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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Unlocking our grant

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Westminster ESC earned a silver grant last year and received a Bike promotion package which included 2 new bikes and a helmet. Using modified programs from Cycling Australia and People on Bicycles, we have been running a Bike Education program for over 2 years. In that time, we have steadily built a fleet of bikes including modified bikes, which are suitable for our students.

The new bikes sparked a bit of interest, especially among the girls who wanted to give them a go. For one student in particular, who had been riding a bike with training wheels for the past 2 years, it was the motivation she needed to learn to ride without the training wheels.

To begin with, she had a few sessions on the balance bike which we had modified from a regular large bike by taking off the pedals. Once she could balance for 7 seconds while riding without putting her feet down, it was time to transition to the new bike.

The look on her face was priceless when she realised she was actually riding by herself. She even let out a scream of delight as she rode around the basketball court with me!

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Planning Time

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Thank you to the DoT for the half-day relief funds. This allowed for lots of planning to take place for the coming year.

We had 2 main focuses. The first was the 'Be You' welcome BBQ for our families held in week 3. This was in collaboration with Westminster Junior and Westminster Primary Schools. There was a health and well-being emphasis with information stalls, healthy food available and activities to encourage students and adults to get moving. Many thanks to Carol-Ann from the Your Move team who gave us some great ideas. We prepared a Your Move static display and a scavenger hunt using prizes from the Your Move rewards.

Our second focus was to start work on our Connecting Schools Grant: Wayfinding. The BBQ afternoon provided the opportunity to survey our families as to the most popular routes for coming to school.

your move display.JPG (5)

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Road Safety Education

This story is related to RAC Little Legends Incursion


The RAC little legends came to Westminster ESC and delivered a fun and interactive one hour incursion preparing students to become safe and responsible road users. The RAC have created a series of online games, incursions, lesson plans and activities to help teachers to deliver a comprehensive road safety education program.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Trips under 5km

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Classes at Westminster ESC were given the challenge of visiting local parks and shops that could have been a car ride away but instead have been an enjoyable walk. The students learnt road safety skills and feeling a sense of belonging to the local community as the they explored the smells, sights and sounds of the neighbourhood!

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Public Transport (1)

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With support from the TransPerth Education Team from the Get on Board Program, we have been getting out and about the city. We have found using Transperth busses cheap and convenient for taking groups of students on a variety of excursions. We have recently been to Ten pin bowling, Yagan Square and the Art Gallery. Using the bus gives the students the experience of interacting with members of the public, an awareness of the local area and the life skill of using a smart rider card appropriately.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Walk Safely to School Day 2019

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Westminster ESC joined with Westminster Primary and Westminster Junior schools to host a community Walk to School day. We had an extra special visitor with Aunty Booka making an appearance. She encourages all our students with their reading. The morning finished off with a community healthy breakfast kindly prepared by our group of volunteers. It was a wonderfully social event as well as providing exercise and increasing awareness of the local area.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant 3


Our final session of Bike Ed saw a number of students moving onwards and upwards and riding with out training wheels. This was an interesting process to watch as Christina, from 'People on Bikes' modelled the progression from using training wheels to a balance bike to riding a 2 wheeler. A number of parents commented on how pleased they were in seeing their child achieve this.

Overall, the Connecting Schools grant allowed us to see Christina and Emma teach and model effective Bike Education which has added renewed enthusiasm to the school. All classes have now become involved in Bike Education and the students absolutely love it! We plan to build on our resources so we can expand the program and use the teaching strategies we have learnt.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant 2


During our second session of Bike Ed with Christina and Emma the students were taught how to scan. This is one of the most essential safety skills a person needs when riding a bike. Scanning involves turning your head, looking right and left and even a little behind to identify any hazards that could be a risk and then taking action to keep safe. A lot of squeaky chickens were ridden over and a lot of high fives given in order to make the students aware of their surroundings!

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant

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We have been having Bike Education for a few years now at Westminster ESC. We began with a Sporting Schools grant which allowed us to participate in the 'Let's Ride' program. We then decided to continue with a modified program at our school and build up our own fleet of bikes. The students made huge improvements in their riding skills and we were wondering how to extend and build on these skills. We were then successful in obtaining a Connecting Schools Grant and received 3 sessions of Bike Education from the wonderful Christina and Emma from 'People on Bicycles'.

The first session saw the students learn the safe way to walk with a bike, get on a bike and use the brakes. We had a few students who used their feet to stop the bike and some who didn't stop at all! Christina and Emma taught them to use both brakes-always! This skill was then practised during a slow bike race where the person that finished last won.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Public transport

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At Westminster ESC we do quite a few community access trips using public transport. This gives the students the opportunity to practice social skills in a public setting as well as learning how to use a smart rider and route planner to access public transport.

These skills will allow our students to travel independently and have easier access to community life in the future.


We are now looking forward to using the TransPerth bus to take us to the Art Gallery.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Modified Bikes

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At Westminster ESC we have been participating in bike education for 3 years. We have used a modified version of the 'Let's Ride' Program with our wonderful cycling coach.

Initially, we were using the facilities at a nearby school which had a large selection of modified bikes. Recently we have decided to purchase our own fleet of modified bikes to allow for more regular and easier access for the students.

We used some funds from the Sporting Schools grant as well as school funds to purchase the bikes and then put on the modifications. An organisation called TADWA, who assist people with disabilities, attached specialised training wheels to the larger bikes. This provides the stability and support some of the older students need and allows bike education to be an inclusive activity.

Now, most of our students are able to participate in a bike education lesson once a week. We are looking at ways to increase our fleet of modified bikes and source grants to provide funding to do so.

Modified bike.jpg

One of our bikes with the extra-large training wheels and support for our older riders.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Walk to School Day

This story is related to National Walk Safely to School Day 2018

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Westminster ESC joined together with Westminster Primary School and Westminster Junior School to hold a walk safely to school event.

2 local parks were selected as meeting points. We then walked together to school. It was wonderful to see all the social interactions that took place among the parents and students. Often this does not happen when the students come to school by car.

When we arrived at the school there was a healthy breakfast waiting, kindly prepared by staff and volunteers.

There was a huge turnout and the picnic breakfast was enjoyed by all.

We used prizes from the your move points we had collected as part of our raffle.


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Westminster Education Support Centre is located on the same campus as Westminster Junior and Westminster Primary School. It caters for students from k-6 who have special needs. The current enrolment is 56.


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