Public transport

Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

At Westminster ESC we do quite a few community access trips using public transport. This gives the students the opportunity to practice social skills in a public setting as well as learning how to use a smart rider and route planner to access public transport.

These skills will allow our students to travel independently and have easier access to community life in the future.

We are now looking forward to using the TransPerth bus to take us to the Art Gallery.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Claire - I'm glad to hear your students are getting out and about on Transperth. It's a great learning opportunity and fun too. Did you do the full "Get on Board" incursion by Transperth? Let me know and I can update your activity points.

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Yes James, we are heading in to the city by bus tomorrow and having a look around the Art Gallery and Yagan Square. Looking forward to having some fun exploring the city and then heading home on the bus.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the update Claire - I've adjusted your points, as the Get on Board incursion is worth 50 points.

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