White Gum Valley Primary School held another Walk/Ride to School Day last Friday - the second one for the term.

Even though it was raining, 12 students rode and 85 walked all or part of the way to school. This is around 1/3 of the school population - which, given the wintery conditions, was impressive!

When the riders/walkers reached the school, they entered a free raffle to win Your Move umbrellas (timely given the weather!)

The Your Move Ambassador Team distributed 'Walk Safely to School Day' tattoo transfers, and students enjoyed a snack consisting of fruit and rice cakes.

The event was utilised to explore related themes of community. Activities included a focus on friendship with sheets asking students to fill out a post it note in the following areas:

What is another name for NICE? [Thoughtful, kindness, kind, friendly, helpful, appreciate.]

How can you help someone? [Play with them, ask them if they are okay if they are upset, being a friend, stop someone for being mean, ask them if they need help with something, help someone by finding them a toy to play with, help fix up their bike if it is broken.]

Who is your favourite person and why? [My friends as they are always understanding, my friend because she is so cool, the Dockers.]

Draw an interesting face!

The Principal's Update in the School Newsletter outlined the success of the event.

This story is related to National Ride2School Day

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James (Your Move)

1/3 of the school participating is certainly a wonderful result Nyanda, especially given the weather last Friday ⛈️! I love the friendship activity you linked in. One of the wonderful things that kids love about active travel is a great social opportunity - so your activity fits in really well 😊. You have earned 40 points for the event, 22 points for including active travel in your newsletter this term, 20 points for sharing so many details of the day and 5 points for letting us know about the excellent numbers participating.

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