On a wonderful Autumn day the team from 'People on Bicycles' came to school, set up a tent and laid out their bike tools ready to service bikes ridden to school from across all year levels. Each bike was checked then repairs and servicing undertaken before a short Report was written for our parents in case there was a need for any further work to be done by a local bike shop.

We got to talk to the technicians about what each of the tools were and what they were used for. There was a big bin that was filled with broken pedals, seat posts, brake rubbers, cables and other parts that were taken off bikes. The technicians also replaced tubes for some of the bikes.

All of the bikes were fixed on a sort of bike hoist and, before being placed in our bike racks, were sprayed with a lube to make all the moving parts work freely. At the end of the day over 30 bikes had been seen. Our Silver Level Grant enabled us to buy this activity. We learnt a lot about our bikes and how they work.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for that detailed rundown of your bike maintenance session Glenn (all those interesting details earned you a bonus 10 points on top of the 40 points you got for getting the grant). 30 bikes fixed-up is an impressive number - great to see the WGV students really getting into it!

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