White Gum Valley Primary School was lucky to be recently visited by the Bike Doctor. Supported by a Your Move Boost grant, Year 3 students had the opportunity to have their bikes serviced in readiness for upcoming bike education lessons.

The clinic was very successful, with over 30 bikes checked. Some minor repairs were undertaken and notes written for parents where major work might be needed. A few remaining vacant service spots were excitedly take up by older students who regularly ride to school.

The Bike Doctor mechanic set up on the oval under the trees, and generously shared his knowledge about the mechanics of bikes, and how best to look after them.

The school was also fortunate to recently install a bike rack donated by the City of Fremantle. The bike rack will come in handy for the newly-serviced suite of Year 3 bikes!

Students provided the following positive feedback about the event:

‘My bike doesn’t click anymore as the stand has been straightened.’

‘When I squeeze my brakes the cable now works really well.’

‘My tyre kept on going down. We found that a large prickle had made a hole so we changed the tube.’

‘It was amazing how my chain stopped clinking after it was sprayed with some stuff.’

Many thanks to Your Move, the Bike Doctor, and the City of Fremantle for supporting White Gum Valley Primary School students to embrace riding to school.

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