Celebrating Ten Years of Cycling to School Breakfasts.

Glenn Rondoni

Our ‘Your Move’ team have been very busy recently putting together a series of activities to celebrate over 10 years of Bicycling to School breakfasts.

The team met to look at a number of activities to celebrate the occasion. It was decided that we have a dress your bike competition along with our usual free raffle. We also included a slow bike race and an obstacle course.

The team visited classes to promote the morning and decided on prizes and vouchers for the various competitions. We exchanged reward points for bike themed gear. These were being given out for the raffle.

The other prizes were for $30.00 and $50.00 vouchers from a local bike shop.

The menu for the breakfast was discussed and it was decided that we get fruit including watermelon, blueberries and strawberries along with carrots. Rice snacks were also included.

We were keen to support local businesses. A map was drawn up showing the local bike shops in our area. In total there were 11 shops. These were plotted on a map which was then laminated and shared with students.

When the day arrived, the team assisted with the setting up and encouraged students from all years to sign on to the raffle. The raffle also gave us some interesting information. This included our total numbers of students who came to the breakfast as well as a breakdown of how everyone got to school.

On this morning we had 77 bike riders, 8 scooter riders, 1 skateboarder and one roller blader. There were many others who also walked part of or all of the way to school. One year we even had someone come in by horse!

‘Judging the best dressed bike was very hard. We liked the pom poms, streamers and even a flag that was put on one bike. After the siren went, we cleared up everything and completed the raffle information. All of us then set up the slow bike race that was going to be held on the courts before heading to class.’

At recess everyone brought their bikes over to the courts. There were so many entrants that we had to split up the age groups.

‘One rider was ‘soooo’ slow that the siren went for the end of recess, and he was still riding!’

We quickly then prepared the oval for the obstacle course. We had our map showing the design of the course. It consisted of gym mats to slow riders down, agility poles and cones.

At lunch time we were armed with clip boards and marking sheets. Each rider started with 15 points and lost points for hitting obstacles or not completing sections.

‘It was a lot of fun helping the riders. We had our fluro vests on and wrote our notes. Later we got together to award places to students in different classes.’

After lunch each of the students in the younger classes received a small ‘Your Move’ gift of a pen or slap band so as to encourage them to ride again in 2024 when we will again run two breakfasts during the year.

Our breakfast and the eleven vouchers were supplied by a Department of Transport, ‘Your Move’ $799.00 small grant and the remainder of the prizes were from the ‘Your Move’ shop where we traded in some of our reward points.

After a busy day it was great to get feedback that everyone had a wonderful time!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn - great to see you and all of White Gum Valley back for another Bike Month celebration! Wow - 10 years, that certainly is a milestone 😁. Your event looks like a really stellar occasion - and all those riders and walkers are evidence of a super result. You have earned 40 points for your event (plus 50 for all the added features in your day!), 20 for applying for that grant and another 25 points for your engaging and informative story details. Have a great week!

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