The ‘How to Get to White Gum Valley Primary School’ map made by our Your Move Ambassadors, was provided to all school students at the start of this year.

One of our teachers has been using the map in the classroom with her Year 2/3 students.

‘The map has facilitated some wonderful learning opportunities in Mathematics’, she explained.

‘On Walk to School Day, students shared information about the pathways they regularly take when travelling to school. They learnt to use the scale to calculate the actual distance, allowing them to measure the various routes to find the longest and shortest.’

‘Having recently looked at cardinal directions, the students were able to use this language to describe the route from one location to another. While looking at the map, we also engaged in conversations about map symbols, types of lines, angles and shapes.’

‘Learning is more meaningful when students can make real life connections to their own community. Thanks to Your Move and our Your Move Ambassadors, for the fantastic classroom resource!’.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Nyanda! Thanks for sharing how your year 2/3s have been applying the new Access Guide to maths in the classroom. WGV have earned 20 points for running the "Map My Route to School" classroom activity and you have earned another 20 points for putting together this engaging story.

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