Connecting Schools' Grant-New Bike rack and Pump station

Glenn Rondoni

Our school now has a new set of bike racks and a bike pump station for our bike parking area. Up to now the school has had a few old rusty ones that don't fit our mountain bike tyres. The new racks have plenty of room and will fit wheels of all sizes. We can fit in eight bikes. The permanent floor pump now saves us from always looking for our small hand pump when someone's tyre goes soft. The new pump has, to be, carefully used as the French valve connection is a bit tricky to get used to. Our Your Move team would like to work towards increasing the number of new bike racks in the future.

'It is great having a new rack. Everyone tries to get to school early to get one of the spaces.' 'The bike rack is in a great place. There is plenty of room for another.'

Hopefully we will be able to apply for a new Connecting Schools Grant in 2023 as the new Your Move team. The racks have given everyone who likes riding and has a newish bike more confidence to bring their bike knowing that it can be parked more securely.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Glenn - and a big welcome back for 2023 😊. Thanks for updating us on how your CS Grant powered bike parking and pump station worked out - that has earned you 40 points. Great to know how the parking is more suitable for MTBs than your old ones. Also it is helpful to hear about the quirky valve - I'll pass on that feedback to the team here at DoT.

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