Constable Care Bike Training Centre Visit

Glenn Rondoni

One of our parents won a free visit to the training centre in Maylands. All of our Year 5 students got the opportunity to go along this year. It is the third year that students from White Gum Valley have made the trip.

'It was a long drive on the bus but worth it when I saw the mini road and train set up.' ' I learnt how to put on a bike helmet properly as well as looked at all the safety things needed on bikes so you can be seen by car drivers.' 'Getting onto the road with their cool bikes was something I remembered. The bike fitted perfectly.' 'As a walker I got to press buttons on the train station and the pedestrian crossing. It was fun as the riders had to stop and show that they had remembered the road rules.'

Some year 4 students back at school are already talking about hoping they get the chance to go next year.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks to this parent, White Gum Valley PS have just earned another 40 points for getting out to the Safety School! How did they actually win this excursion? You have also earned another 10 points for your story description. Great to hear that the year 4s are queuing up for the next edition 😄.

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